***Canada 150 Scenario Weekend***

One LOW price one HUGE weekend! Come celebrate Canada 150 with us this July 1st and 2nd.  . Players who preregister
June 19, 2017 to June 30, 2017 will pay only $30 for Saturday July 1, 2017 festivities and entry into our Ghost Recon Scenario BIG game July 2, 2017. Rentals will be discounted to only $15 until June 30, 2017. Players wanting to join us on Saturday but do not preregister will be responsible to pay our regular $21.99 field fee for Saturday and $40 for the Ghost Recon scenario BIG game on Sunday.

July 1, 2017 schedule:
10:30am – YGP store opens. Players will be offered the opportunity to purchase special Canada 150 event paint only for a special price of $70 per case for use on Saturday July 1, 2017 ONLY or YGP printed Field paint for $84.99 per case and YGP printed Bronze paint for $89.99. YGP printed paint can be used for both days and all regular business days.
11:45am – WESTERN STYLE SHOOT OUT on the YGP Express. All players in attendance wishing to play in our Pistol, pump, mag fed or limited ammo semi auto western shootout will be divided into teams. RED vs WHITE
12:30pm – VIMY RIDGE TRIBUTE GAME All players in attendance wishing to play a Vimy Ridge tribute game will be divided into teams RED vs White
1:15pm – 5 MAN SCENARIO TEAM CHALLENGE Individuals, pairs, triples, quadruples or existing teams of 5 in attendance wishing to play in our scenario team tournament will be organized into teams of 5 for our scenario team challenge. Basic rules and schedule will be issued and we will begin play at 1:30pm.
3:00pm -5 MAN SPEEDBALL TOURNAMENT Individuals, pairs, triples, quadruples or existing teams of 5 in attendance wishing to play in our speedball tournament will be organized into teams of 5 for a tournament on our air ball field. Basic rules and schedule will be issued and we will begin play at 3:15.
5:00pm – Pizza delivers and adult bevies will become available. Players will have the opportunity to place a personal pizza order at there expense to be delivered to YGP at 5pm. We will have a LICENSED ADULT ONLY AREA set up for a 18 plus players party after the days events. We apologize in advance to the minors excluded from this part of the event. The field will remain open for play until 6pm for any players who are not consuming alcohol.  ***PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY***

Sunday July 2, 2017 schedule:
9:30 am – Gates open
11:45 am – General meeting
12:15 pm – Game begins
2:15 pm – 1/2 time (We will be doing a BBQ from 11:00am to 3:30pm)
3:00 pm – Players switch sides and rolls
5:00 pm – Game ends. THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN PRIZES!!!


                                             Ghost Recon
                                            Seals vs Rebels

This Game was written by Mitchell Dearden
of the SAS chapter of Alberta. We would like to
thank Mitch and his team for their suggestions and support.

At 1700 hrs, HQ has received news that one of the helicopters on a routine mission to retrieve members of your squadron behind enemy lines has been shot down by Gorilla Forces in the jungles of South America. The numbers of rebels is unknown, the status of the helicopter, her crew and cargo is not known at this time. The debrief for this mission will be at 1145 hrs.
Debrief for your mission:
Objective Alpha: (Main objective). Your main mission is to find the downed helicopter and secure the area from hostile forces. Evacuate the pilot, co-pilot and surviving members of your squad. Transport the wounded by stretcher to the LZ (landing zone) safely. Points will be awarded to the teams at the end of each half. 5 points to the Seals for each person recovered with 1 point being deducted for every hit on the wounded soldiers. 5 points for the Rebels for soldiers left behind.Objective Bravo: (Secondary objective). As the helicopter was in a spin a very important case was thrown from the chopper. Last known location was around the boarder. Both teams will have to try to retrieve this case due to the fact that it has important top secret plans that both teams need to keep from enemy hands or deal a devastating blow to the “military pig dogs”.  5 points are awarded to the team that retrieves the case. A clue to the location of the case will be sent out by the YGP app every 1/2 hour until the case has been retrieved.Objective Charlie: (Continuous objective). Spy planes and satellites have located the enemy base that all the attacks on military supply convoys are orchestrated from.
SEALS: Find and destroy the base to prevent additional attacks on your friends.
REBELS: You must defend your home with your life.
4 points are awarded for every 20 consecutive minutes a team controls the base.
Mercy kills and hostages:
Players may take up to two players hostage. When you mercy a player they become your hostage , you and that player(s) become neutral. Return to your spawn point and you will be issued one ticket for a special draw for every player you have taken hostage. Once accounted for hostages will make there way back to their spawn point.
At the end of the first half there will be a 40 minute break. A chance to refuel and reload. After half time Seals will become Rebels and Rebels will become Seals.
There will be pods all over the field with codes that can be redeemed for prizes.
Dress up for the team you are signing up for. Yes we will switch teams but let’s have fun with it.
I hope to see you here
Brandon Frick
Young Guns Inc.