***Scenario club is all wrapped up for the 2017 season***
I would like to thank the thousands of players who attended
Scenario club with me this season. Meeting new players and
spending time with the players (Great friends) who have been
attending this club for over a decade is a highlight of my action
packed lifestyle. Young Guns would not be the greatest paintball
venue without every single one of you.
To make me feel really old, next season will be our 25th season

as Alberta’s and arguably Western Canada’s best paintball
field & store. We will be celebrating this accomplishment all year
by offering exciting deals and special events all season long to
After much reflection of a long history in business(starting at 13 years old),
Destiny and I know for a fact that it is the players who have gravitated
to our facility and honored us with their business that makes
Young Guns Paintball “THE PLACE TO PLAY”
Thank you for being with us as we built our dream!
See you all in the spring,
Brandon Frick
Young Guns Inc.

Instructed by: Brandon Frick and other Young Guns staff

Hosted by: Young Guns Paintball

Dates: Every second Sunday starting: TBA 2018!

***NEW TIME***
Afternoon sessions will start at 1:30 pm players should arrive no later then 1:00 pm.

Free for Season pass holders

Free for Weekend pass holders

Regular field fee applies to drop in players

Included: Field fee, air, scenario game discounts and a host for 8 months of scenario play. The club will be run on suggestions and ideas put forward by the members of this club. The club will be scenario based with sportsman ship, player etiquette, and a whole lot of fun as its focus. Their will be no cap on the amount of players in the club. This club is for all ages and abilities. Players may sign up as a existing scenario team or as an individual. It is my goal to play many existing scenario formats as well as come up with many new formats for all of us to enjoy. It is my intention to play in the club as a regular member so I hope to see you there for the best season EVER!
See you all soon,
Brandon Frick

* These scenario club dates fall on full field scenario days. On these days there will only be a full field scenario and not scenario club.
Dates for 2018 dates to be announced shortly!